Ambition Olympics 2024

Through its initiative Ambition Olympics 2024, Sciences Po aims to be present at the heart of the preparations and actions conducted in connection with the organisation of Paris 2024.

The objective of Ambition Olympics 2024 is to be a plan of action made up of a variety of projects offered by the institution in all its forms and all its disciplines. The ambition being to play its role as a research university in the social sciences.

Each idea or project that makes up Ambition Olympics 2024 should be devised and presented on the initiative of the entity, because the engagement and determination of the participants will drive the success of these projects.

What will be the next step? The inventory and study of the proposed projects will enable the construction of a coherent plan of action, with the support of a dedicated committee responsible for the integrity and drive of the institution’s approach to Ambition Olympics 2024.